Thursday, March 05, 2009

bubba buffalo for president

my brothers are awesome. both of them. this story is about my baby brother pierce.

he's been campaigning to become the next student body president of hampden sydney college lately. he mentioned he might run when we were in argentina for new years, but he was slightly hesitant--knowing it would be a lot of work, because he'd be the type of president to actually DO something.

i suppose something needed to be done.

and pierce heard that call.

his posters said, "i'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down."


pierce spoke with a lot of student groups on campus. maybe ALL of them. last week he spoke to the gay/straight alliance. they started their meeting by sharing their porn star names... which, as everyone knows, consists of a pet's name and your street name. who didn't have a porn star name in high school?

so what was pierce's?

bubba buffalo.

and as such, he's just been elected president. bubba would be proud, God rest his soul. congrats pierce! and congrats hampden sydney! you picked a good'n.