Monday, August 09, 2010

square one

this morning, i came to the end of my street and had to make a decision... left? or right? left would mean a 4 mile loop that i like better. right would mean a 3 mile loop. 3 miles. that to me feels like a cop out. i don't want to say that i'm too good for 3 miles, but if i'm honest, i think that's probably what's going on in the back of my head. still, i've been unable to train for the past 4 months. my running has been inconsistent, at times painful, at times scary... it really stopped being fun... just as it was getting to be really fun! just as i hit a 5k pr of 23:42, i literally ran into some health issues that would knock out an average of 10 days of training a month. after months of tests, dr's appointments, acupuncture and patient encouragement from jay, i think it's safe to hit the road again... just in time to train for half-marathon season.

so i ate my slice of humble pie this morning at turned right, opting for the 3 mile loop at an easy pace. i'm convinced that anyone can be a runner. i'm proof of that. but just because i've been a runner doesn't mean i can pick up where i left off. it's back to square one. back to building up my mileage a week at a time, slow and steady, till i'm ready to pick up the pace.

last year i didn't start training for half-marathons till september. this year i'm getting started a month earlier. if i'm patient, i think i'll reach my goal and a new sub-2hr pr.

cheers to a fresh start.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

a couple of big wins

a while back one of my kiddos decided to run a half marathon to raise money for parkison's research. her dad was diagnosed with parkison's when she was 4, making it hard for him to walk or talk. i told her i'd run with her if i could find 13 donors to support her cause, pounding the pavement for parkinson's. donors did: jocelyn, jay, patty, lois, grace, wendy, christine, chris, pat, anne, another anne, tim, linda, to name a few.

it was a hard race. sara had been battling a cold, and she hit a wall at mile 10, but she kept on pushing, along with two high school friends reid and hannah. together we talked and laughed and coughed our way through the race, maybe shedding a few tears here and there. sara had a lot of fans on the road, cheering her on.

it was enough that she finished a difficult race, it was enough that she had raised awareness of the disease claiming her dad's mobility, it was enough that she had raised a good bit of money for research. but when the race was over, the checks kept coming, and at a reception held in sara's honor last thursday, we learned she had raised over $67,000. absolutely amazing.

saturday saw a couple of wins too. jota ran, and WON, a half marathon. and my girls' relay team placed 3rd. trophies all around!

but sara's win is the kind that changes lives. YES.

Monday, February 15, 2010

open valentine to bloggers and fb

after getting muchos bouncebacks to this emailed valentine yesterday, i thought i better share the same on blog and facebook for all those i missed! love.

It is my custom to mail valentines to friends and family, near and far. But as the list of places I've lived grows longer, and my relationships multiply, well... it gets expensive! So please accept this electronic valentine and update as a token of my continued affection. I'll even throw some pictures in (just click on any highlighted words).

The past year has been a doozy, in a good way. Here are the highlights...

I continue to love my job as a youth minister. The kids and the church are awesome. Last year I took two ski trips, a beach trip, mission trips to Costa Rica and West Virginia, and I led a Pilgrimage to Ireland. It was a lot of travel (10 days in Ireland feels like 100 when you're taking care of 37 teenagers!) but I got by with a little (or a lot of) help from my friends. And the best part: countless Moments of Grace. Nothing like a lack of control to help you see God right in front of your nose.

I love life in Charlotte. Though the city is lacking in diversity, it is over the top in hospitality and activity. My friends here introduced me to a number of new hobbies, including my first two triathlons, first two 10k races, and first two half-marathons. My family thinks it's hilarious that I, the nonathletic child, have become a runner. Who knew? Chalk it up to peer pressure, in a good way. I've got an awesome Monday night girls' group--we read books and pray together. I've got an awesome Thursday night girls' group--we drink wine together. Got to love balance. I don't just hang out with girls, though... there are boys too. One, in particular. And he's a yankee (gasp)!!

The two most exciting and daunting pieces of news are Pepper and the Priesthood. Pepper is my dear sweet dog. A 2-yr old German Shepherd Lab mix I rescued her last March; she is the love of my life. She cannot get enough love, nor does she ever run out of love to give. She barks at boys and likes sweaty shoes. I didn't think I could handle the responsibility of a dog, considering all my travels, but my friends have made it all possible. It takes a village. As for the Priesthood, I entered the discernment process to be an Episcopal Priest last fall. It's a long process, complicated, exhausting, rich and life-giving. Depending on how things go, I may start seminary in Fall of 2011. Maybe I'll know by next Valentine's Day... in the mean time, I appreciate your prayers!

No matter where you are this Valentine's Day, I pray that you know Love. Uncontrollable, no strings attached, unconditional, radical, unstoppable, mindbending... God LOVE.