Wednesday, June 07, 2006

a girl's best friend

so farhan is definitely one of my best friends... and has been for years now. i can rely on our friendship as much as i can any familial relationship. we're leaving in a few weeks for a very special trip to pakistan. both farhan and his sister arzoo will be celebrating marriages and farhan will then bring his loooovely bride roohi back to b'more to start a life together. all the baltimorons are eagerly awaiting roohi's arrival! we can't wait to welcome her to charm city.

last night farhan and i went ring shopping. FUN! it's really funny, because though i consider myself to be a pretty low maintenance gal (wishful thinking, i know) i get pretty girlie-girl around diamonds. i couldn't stop laughing, they just sparkle so much! i got to try several on since they just wouldn't look the same on farhan's hands. haha. again, they're so sparkly! woe to the man that sweeps me off my feet.

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Anonymous said...

THe pic is great and the comment is funny, but I will have to find you a picture that looks more like the ring we picked out!