Monday, April 16, 2007

the 'mond

i have a lot of work to do, and a lot of distractions too. every time i sit down to read homework in my room, i can't help but think of how i need to pack, etc. luckily, i have my escapes. this weekend's escape was richmond. carolyn and i drove down and back together, which provided ample girl time and reflection. priceless. i crashed at chez chris, which is as comfortable as my favorite jeans with holes worn in them. (this is because chris is special.) i had the place to myself most of saturday, except for scout (the dog) who slept at my feet or rested her head on my lap as i read and typed, read and typed. lovely. i also got to see colin and meet nancy, both of whom are fabulous and eerily similar.

sunday i went to church and had brunch with carolyn, her mom and grandmom... and of course molly. this picture of the three (or four) of them totally cracks me up. perfect timing.

so, the paper i was working on this weekend will eventually talk about the role of religion (not just faith, but dogma and all) in society... civil society. along those same lines, kinda, eric's blog today is excellent.

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