Wednesday, June 27, 2007

lau the nomad

my life as a nomad has begun. eric, adam and andy all helped me clear out my house on sunday (thanks guys!) and dad drove it all home to virginia.
now i'm living in the basement at farhan and roohi's (the coolest room in the house) where i get to eat all the paki food my heart desires and i can walk across the street to erin and brians in my pj's. it's awesome. another benefit is i can make fun of farhan more often. like the other night when he learned that the 12 days of christmas song does not include a partridge in a pantry. go figure.


Anonymous said...

lauren is an attacking missionary.

that is all.


Brian said...


Double entendre, anyone?

lauren said...

funny, brian... and only works b/c you know how to pronounce "lau" :)