Friday, January 04, 2008

super star

i went through a phase where i thought it was hilARious to throw my arms up in the air like mary catherine gallagher and shout, "super star!!!!"

okay, it was more than a phase. maybe i still do that on occasion...

today i had a moment of internal arm-flailing and superstar-shouting when i read bess' blog. ever get the chance to see yourself through someone else's eyes? and then think, 'huh, that's how i'm perceived?' sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad... today it made me laugh so hard i thought surely i'd cry or wet my pants.

thanks bess... you're the best friend i never met.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Just left Bess a comment. What a funny chick!!! That was a very cool post. I am still laughing about the feds analizing contributions to both Hamas and YFC and Cheney and bin Ladden.

Yeah Lau! You are inspiring...don't ever forget it!!! And your writing skills don't stink either!