Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dirty handshake

there is a "secret" handshake in benin that gives me the creeps. if you shake a guy's hand, and he moves his finger to your palm, it's a proposition. to agree, you return the finger-to-palm gesture. to disagree, in my case, i play dumb. but really, it's a slap-worthy offense.

i mention this only because i received the dirty handshake moments ago from a man i greet every week. and i'll see him again on my way back home. brrrrr.... gives me the heeby jeebies. if you come to benin, beware the dirty handshake!


kristy said...

that "dirty handshake" was a big thing when i was in junior high!

Susan said...


A. Linda said...

Ewww... :-/
- Assaba

Annie said...

I'm googling this because an attorney i retained did that to me! I was bewildered, but tried to not show it. I can't believe it!