Wednesday, May 07, 2008

i woke up with a tic

not the facial-twitch kind... but the blood sucking kind. maybe i should have brought my mosquito net to the US after all!

this little guy did not want to let go... even after my dad tried to fry him off my face. stubborn little bugger.


E1st said...

I didn't like it for two reasons:
1) It's disgusting. I hate ticks.
2) That's not a good way to remove a tick.

Speaking of disgusting, our cats used to use this tick stuff - they wouldn't bite almost anywhere because of the medicine. Anyway, that is, except for the eyelid. So I've pulled ticks from cat eyelids before. Like a dozen of them.

lauren said...

what is this rating crap? i don't like it. let me know if you know how to get rid of it. ridiculous. like i'm writing for an audience or something!