Tuesday, October 07, 2008

fall fashion

so, bachelor numero dos responded to the "thoughtful" (thanks suzz) question regarding homosexuality, and his response was not only reasonable... he could relate. seems "esteban" (as we'll call him) has a gay brother. go figure.

it's the latest accessory.

esteban is a bit of a paradox to me. some things he says make me think, 'this guy is real and has lived and i think we could be friends.' other things make me think, 'are you brainwashed?' so we'll see what's behind door number 2, i suppose.

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Michael Young said...

I'm sure your question threw the guy for a loop since the "typical" question is little deeper than, "Would you rather have Thai food or corn flakes?" (My experience, anyway.)

On an unrelated note, I saw your review of "The Pilgrimage." It's on my to-read list as I really liked "The Alchemist" by the same author.