Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pepper: an update on awesomeness

i just want to say that i love my dog.

she usually sleeps on her bed, down by the foot of my bed (so i won't step on her in the morning)... but last night she dragged her bed to be right up next to me. little girl warms my heart!

most nights she gets up very quietly, puts her wet nose up to mine, just to make sure i'm still there and breathing, and then goes back to lay down.

life with a dog is the best.


Brookie said...

Life with a cat is pretty good, too. :) Either read my post about Lexie... or I'm thinking it actually might have inspired this ode to your pet...
Miss you.
- B

dan said...

See!!! I told you!

Olivia! said...

Hehe lauren I found your blog! And I love my doggy too when I used to cry when I was little she'd come and lick the tears off my cheeks