Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it's official

i just registered for my first half marathon.

i'd been putting it off, just in case... thinking i'd wimp out at some point. but the (sad) truth is (sad only because i'm proving myself wrong...) that i actually enjoy running now. 7 miles 2 weeks ago was hard. 8 miles a week ago was easy. 9 miles this week was fun. and even my little 5 mile runs on tuesdays and thursdays are getting faster and easier.

my peers have a lot to do with it. a few weeks ago i ran a 10k and came in 97th place. all my friends were TOP finishers. but because i had PR'd by 8 minutes (setting a new personal record that was waaaaay faster than my 10k in april) my friends cheered me on like i had won the whole thing. i felt like a champ.

and i'm meeting new people too. some girls i'd never met before are now running with me on tuesdays, which a) forces me to get out of bed, b) pushes my pace, and c) expands my social circles. my saturday running buddy is my favorite, though. she makes the time fly by!

so i'm super psyched for november 7. thinking i may even sign up for another in december. ridiculous.


E1st said...

It's not the Outer Banks one is it? My brother's running that.

lauren said...

nope. everyone says i should have signed up for that one, no hills... but the one i'm running supports a local organization i care about, so i'll deal with the hills :)