Monday, August 09, 2010

square one

this morning, i came to the end of my street and had to make a decision... left? or right? left would mean a 4 mile loop that i like better. right would mean a 3 mile loop. 3 miles. that to me feels like a cop out. i don't want to say that i'm too good for 3 miles, but if i'm honest, i think that's probably what's going on in the back of my head. still, i've been unable to train for the past 4 months. my running has been inconsistent, at times painful, at times scary... it really stopped being fun... just as it was getting to be really fun! just as i hit a 5k pr of 23:42, i literally ran into some health issues that would knock out an average of 10 days of training a month. after months of tests, dr's appointments, acupuncture and patient encouragement from jay, i think it's safe to hit the road again... just in time to train for half-marathon season.

so i ate my slice of humble pie this morning at turned right, opting for the 3 mile loop at an easy pace. i'm convinced that anyone can be a runner. i'm proof of that. but just because i've been a runner doesn't mean i can pick up where i left off. it's back to square one. back to building up my mileage a week at a time, slow and steady, till i'm ready to pick up the pace.

last year i didn't start training for half-marathons till september. this year i'm getting started a month earlier. if i'm patient, i think i'll reach my goal and a new sub-2hr pr.

cheers to a fresh start.

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Crissy said...

Good luck, Lauren. Mind over matter. You'll be back to where you were in no time.