Monday, March 13, 2006

dude rollers game 1

the long awaited sobo football season has begun and team dude rollers was out in full force saturday. okay... so we didn't win our first game. honestly, we had just as much skill as our opponents. our one weakness was the fact that we'd never played together before. pretty soon we'll be rockstars individually AND as a cohesive team. have faith dude roller fans! (oh yes, we do have fans).

most of the team made it out for some bonding activities after the game. little havana has drink specials for sobo players as well as outdoor seating right next to the water. perfect to shake off a loss or celebrate a win... we'll be doing a lot more celebrating in weeks to come. ps: i am so extremely sore from saturday's game. i thought i was in okay shape... but yikes!

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