Thursday, March 16, 2006

what up cuz

i'm close with my cousins... like really close. while most people would drag their feet to family reunions, my cousins and i would count down the days till our annual trips to colorado. our grandparents deserve most of the credit for that... in any case, my way cool cousin beverly made her way up to the b'more/dc metro area to visit her best friend eva and (of course) her awesome cousins and rockstar aunt. so here we have bev, mom, little bro stephen, me and b-day girl eva at everyone's favorite metropolitan cafe.

we also stopped by thirsty dog (aka pizza and beer and dog heaven) for dinner and ropewalk tavern (aka lau's favorite reagan friendly bar) for libation and conversation. stay tuned for forthcoming karaoke pics... oh get ready! bev heads back to texas today, but the whole famn damily will unite once again next week in lubbock to celebrate a VERY special birthday. again, stay tuned. (don't you just love the suspense?)

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