Monday, April 03, 2006

the first cook out

i loooove spring. it brings so many good things: green, flowers, baseball, cookouts, baseball, and i get to keep the top down on my convertible. what's not to love? some friends kicked things off right with the first (of many, i'm sure) cookout/roof deck party of the season. i'm going to have to pick and choose what i post since we were all in such a celebratory mood.

ahh, nothing like a game of beirut to ring in spring. you're sure to lose a ping pong ball (or 47) if playing on the roof, however. note the lovely backdrop.

here we have some dudes... but only one is a dude roller. team captain, to be exact. hence the odd expression. mmmm... maybe that's because we've lost all 4 games this season?

the host got a little wet... totally not my fault.

okay... i can't help it. this pic is just too funny. i promise we're drinking water and eating pizza at this point. amazing how daley still looks classy, even with zabel acting like a fool.

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