Friday, December 15, 2006

most technologically advanced prosthetic arm in the universe

maybe you've heard about the bionic arm. basically, this prosthetic arm is able to send and receive messages to/from your brain and thus move and grip, etc. much like a real arm would. part human, part robot, all awesome. here is a pic of the most technologically advanced prosthetic arm in the universe that my friend bob is working on. he may actually be leading up the project, or else his work friends tell me that to impress me. what's important to note is the object the hand is gripping. that is one beautiful baseball. genuine italian leather. perhaps purchased from hamilton robbins, your one stop shop (in lexington at least) for distinctive gifts and design scruples?


Anonymous said...

in the whole universe? i think if there are aliens out there with spaceships, they probably have us on this one.

lauren said...

yeah right. why would an alien need a bionic arm for humans?

E1st said...

Why do you think they're dissecting humans all the time? They're building an army of life like human replicas so that they can infiltrate our society and subvert us from the inside, leaving us ripe for invasion.

In that sense, their prostheses are far superior.