Friday, March 02, 2007

off to tx

i'm leaving for texas tomorrow to see all my family, including four grandparents and a great grandmother who turns 101 this month... how cool is that? this is likely the last time i will see the texas crew before moving to benin, so it's exciting and sad all at once. pictured is the dirt road that leads to my grandparents' farm. i love the big skies there.

p.s. i have written 3 songs in the past month. my first 3 songs ever. i'm about ready for a record lable.


Brian L said...

Dude, three songs? That's awesome! I can't offer you a record label, but I can offer to record you and add other instruments as you like so you at least have these songs to keep and send to friends. I accept wine/beer/or undeserved complements as payment.

lauren said...

i offered you wine. you ditched the party, remember?

i may take you up on that, though...