Thursday, July 05, 2007

jesus saves

jenny, carolyn, katie, michelle, me, lorraine, diane, laura and amy all met for dinner on the roof deck of carolyn's house a week ago. we were wrapping up discussions on our book, "revelations of a single woman: loving the life i didn't expect." ironically, no one actually finished the book except for jesse (not pictured), who is married. it's a great book, i just lost momentum. still, i'd recommend it to a friend.

anyway, more importantly, i love these girls. together with christina, anne marie, anna, christy, and others not present last week, we've really developed a group of young women who can speak openly with one another about life and faith. i wonder what that will look like when i leave (on august 7, yes, i fly out on my birthday). will i find an authentic community in cotonou? i'm not even sure what this group back home will look like 2 months from now. already, anna and christy have moved to other countries. soon i'll do the same, along with carolyn and anne marie.
things change even when you stay put.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! Where is your friend's house? That looks like the EXACT same view of 'Jesus Saves' that we have from my deck. So funny!

- Megan

lauren said...

y'all are pretty close... she's on randal, past light... so i walk past your place on the way to hers :)