Tuesday, October 02, 2007

apartments and body odor

apartment update... i looked at one yesterday that was great, but too big and too expensive. 3 bedrooms, living room, huge kitchen, huge terrace, 2 bathrooms... $275. i know. you think it's a steal, but it's over my budget. plus, 3 bedrooms is really more responsibility than i need! i saw two over the weekend that were waaaay to dark and dreary.

the good news is that starting tomorrow, i get to dog sit for some friends, AND stay in their house with hot running water! not that i'd want a hot shower at this point. the temperatures are climbing here, and i'm waiting for my body to adjust.

which reminds me... something weird about this place... while i basically sweat all the time, i find there is no such thing as BO. i guess when you sweat enough, it just stops smelling? an odd discovery, i know, but intriguing enough to share with the broader public, i think.


Rob Baker said...

...try sitting near the 'dancing ladies' in an African church for three hours and you'll find that - in fact - there is B.O. in Africa!! I know what you mean though (and farts don't smell much here either - I think it's the humidity which dulls the smells!!)

Take care


E1st said...

I've always found that running more makes you smell less. I've decided that the consistent turn-over of water in your body draws out the pollutants that smell. You're flushing your system on a more consistent basis. It's like peeing clear, only with your sweat.

Either that or everyone smells and you've normalized to it.

Farhan said...

i don't smell at all... I've never used deodorant.

Farhan said...

ok u know thats not farhan.