Monday, October 29, 2007


recently, i was stuffing my face at a birthday party for a missionary friend. the restaurant owner didn't seem to think i was eating enough (and you know i can eat... especially my peeps back at MEA who watched me scarf down donuts at every staff meeting, or my victory in the chicken sandwich eating contest... anything to win, right?) anyway, i decided to prove to the owner, and table of 20 something expats, that indeed, i had eaten my fill. here's me, the owner, and rob showing off our well fed bellies. starving in africa? not this girl!


M said...

you'll be sad to know that there are no more donuts and no more eating contests. so boring.

Erin said...

This picture rocks!!

lauren said...

that is def boring, mike. and erin, you're just saying that b/c you'd fit right in! :)