Thursday, April 24, 2008

photo shoot

so while i refused to stay put yesterday in my recovery... i did at least try to pick outings with air conditioning... the cyber cafe, the embassy, and fondation zinsou. the cyber cafe is an obvious must for blogging... i had to swing by the embassy to add pages to my passport (no room for visas!)... and zinsou was just for fun.

here are ricardo, ashley, romeo, me (holding ricardo's niece catia) and rhett. zinsou has a photography exhibition i really enjoy. this was maybe my 4th visit. on certain afternoons, you can actually be part of the exhibit, which was the purpose of our group venture. props courtesy of zinsou. any guesses as to who the male models are?

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Larry McCallister said...

Lauren,I just came across your blog! I'm a pastor in West Virginia; I confess I've never been a missionary but it must make for one interesting worldview shift!

I used to run a very serious John Wesley bog which is still online. These days I'm wasting my time by posting pictures with inane comments or titles! (I enjoy lightweight humor for the sake of lightweight humor!)

So, are you coming back to the Lower 48 soon? Sabbatical? I see you're leaving Benin.


Larry McCallister