Tuesday, April 29, 2008

welcome... home?

i'm leaving benin tomorrow. after living here 9 months, it's hard to say where home is. i was actually in the US for all of 38 hours a few weeks ago--yes, that means i spent more time in the air than i did on the ground... but it was for a job interview and it was totally worth it. when i got back to benin, my adopted family picked me up from the airport... which actually felt more familiar than when i landed in the US a few days before. i got to the house and my "little brothers" had made signs to welcome me home.

i am super psyched to move back State side, but i'm going to miss my family, friends and students here like crazy.

peace out benin!


Pam said...

so long africa and hello america.... lauren--job well done AND waiting for the next installment in the u s of a
god bless benin.

Michael Young said...

Paul said something about running the long, hard race. I'm sure this has been but one of many, but congratulations on what I perceive to be a job well done!