Tuesday, February 06, 2007

life's like frog

the frog is a simple yoga position to get into, but a difficult one to hold (especially when you modify it the way we did in class friday. ouch!)

my life right now is like practicing yoga. you get into these positions and they're uncomfortable and they stretch you to the limit, and you feel like you can't hold it any more, but you practice patience knowing you really can hold it even if you don't feel like you can, and knowing that you'll feel stronger, more open and more fluid because of it, even if you are sore the next day or two. so you concentrate on your breathing, clearing your head, centering your focus, and you find this unusual peace supporting you from the inside out. your core strengthened, you're ready for the next challenge. i think this is similar to what reinhold niebuhr meant in the serenity prayer when he described hardships as the pathway to peace.

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