Tuesday, February 27, 2007

so much to say

i am just bursting with information today, but i'll try to save some of it for later posts. susanne sent me a story this morning, "eight places every woman should go..." turns out i've already been to one (volcanoes in hawaii, pictured) and i'm headed to another (benin, can you believe it?) so i might as well add the other 6 to my list. though i think i'll replace the belly dancing trip with the camino de santiago in spain. shoot. you can belly dance in federal hill. also, have you noticed the birds chirping lately? and the geese flying north? knowing that spring is around the bend puts me in the best mood.


Colin said...

Did you read the comments on that page? Totally hilarious starting with #5.

I, in no way, support response #5.

Anna said...

So relieved that I can at least check off #4 from the list - I have some catching up to do though I guess, Lau!

lauren said...

i think the comments on #7 are the best by far.