Tuesday, May 08, 2007

celebrity friends

i was in lex this weekend for w&l alumni weekend. it was fabulous. i ran in to lots of friends and spent some quality time with my family, mary carol, and prof. velasquez. oh, and the knit shop. one of my favorite places on earth. carol and guy (owners) found a bunch of chickadees without a mom, so they were peeping away in a little box. i was trying to hold one so my mom could take a picture, but the baby bird pooped in my hand and then jumped to the floor. humph! still, cute. i also got to spend some time with alvin, who just published his first book, legacy of honor: the values and influence of america's eagle scouts. i haven't read it yet, but i do have a signed copy, which i will read promptly. alvin's book signing saturday was a huge success... only tom wolfe has sold more books at a w&l signing. way to go, a-train.


kristy said...

actually i think they were ducklings.

lauren said...

oh yeah, i forgot chikadees were chickens. ducklings are even cuter b/c they have thos little flat bills! thanks for keeping me honest, mom.

Anna said...

awww, i love the knit shop!!! what an adorable story about the ducklings too! :)