Thursday, May 10, 2007

what i'm leaving out

a few updates that slipped my mind...

after 5 wonderful years together, lily (my computer) suffered some serious brain damage (translation: her logic board is malfunctioning). she collapsed literally 5 minutes after i finished (and backed up) my thesis. it's sad to put the girl down, but lily dos arrived last week. we're still getting to know each other, but already i've been able to use ichat to talk to anna in australia for free! it's weird to talk to your computer, but also very cool. let me know if you have AIM and we can talk for free while i'm in africa! i'll probably get skype too.

also, my car is for sale. i put the cabrio on autotrader last week. anybody want to buy a convertible? hard to believe i'll soon be unemployed and car-less.

lastly, i enjoyed a wonderful evening of sailing yesterday. forgot to take my camera (next time), but it was sooo relaxing... even though we were racing. maybe that's because we got a late start, putting us dead last with no competition. we passed several boats before the finish though. j's a good coach.

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Anna said...

yippeee for iChat!! free chats to Lauren - what more could a girl want? :)