Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a series of firsts

this weekend graham came up from atlanta for a quick farewell visit. we camped the backcountry at assategue island on maryland's eastern shore. we hiked in about 4 miles (barefoot in the sand!) before setting up camp behind some dunes. very cool. i haven't developed my pictures yet, so here's a picture of one of the feral ponies on the island... contemplating a swim.

two other firsts today... i got stitches! my doctor said i did a great job, which i thought was funny since she did all the work. i have an excellent doctor. also, i'm about to write my first letter of resignation since today is my last day at work. i've been putting it off. i really do love my job, and life in general here in maryland... but africa calls (and by africa, i really mean God)... and THAT is exciting.

don't know how much i'll be blogging the next few days/weeks. i'm headed to perth, australia tomorrow to visit anna... YAY!


digdugdavid said...

Add another first. To that list. I posted a thoughtful comment on DTK's blog, to which I linked through your blog, to which I linked from your e-mail, on which I am posting a first.

P.S. What's that about the stitches..? I mean...you wrote about it, so it's nothing life-threatening, right... Of course, I guess quadrapalegics (sp?) do write with the little straw thing in the mouth, etc. ..?

P.P.S. Sorry to hear about your friend and her cheating (ex?)boyfriend... I could write a thoughtful post on the topic in response, but...ah...I'm not actually a blogger...I've been faking this whole thing. Real bloggers can spot phonies like me a thousand Mbps away...

The end.

lauren said...

def not life threatening... just a little biopsy to check for skin cancer. i have one less freckle on my back. kinda miss it, but it was fun to get stitches.