Thursday, May 03, 2007

early cinco de mayo

the young adults of christ lutheran church (and other friends we found along the way) celebrated cinco de mayo a little early. the upstairs bar at metro was packed, tony made delicious food and susanne made some kickin' brownies. kickin' because she added cinnamon and chipotle powder. mmmm... chocolate with a mexican twist. pastor fries brought a pinata that some of us tried to break open with a broom, unsuccessfully. i whiffed it twice before hitting it on my third try. sad to say, my eyes weren't even closed. looks like my softball career in benin is doomed. diane had much better luck (pictured... note pastor dubsky flinching in the background), but still no breakage. chris finally broke it over his leg, spilling chocolates all over the floor. yum. i'm going to miss these peeps and these parties.


Anna said...

I DO miss those peeps and those parties!!! I love the look of determination you have when you're having a go at that difficult pinata!!

buckleyk said...

Those are some great pictures! The quality of the pictures is astounding! From where did you get such high-quality images?

lauren said...

thanks for the pictures, kevin :)